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Dat hidden smuggler compartment in starboard dorm!

It's somewhat buggy to find. After meeting the ex-owner, I can never find it.

But after the battle with slavers inside Ebon Hawk, I also not 100% certain to find it. But, after some reload to right before the fight to refight it, I finally found it at the end.

I am not certain what trigger it, though.

(gog version, no content mod other than some skins)

Only storage compartment on Ebon Hawk: GET!
The hidden compartment becomes available after you talk to the "real" owner of the Ebon Hawk on Nar Shadaa. If you ask him for proof of ownership, he will rattle off some facts, including the location of the hidden compartment. The next time you are able to free roam around the Hawk, the compartment will be available. If you don't talk to him first or don't ask him for proof, you never find out about the compartment and it remains inaccessible. You cannot access the compartment during the slaver battle as that is not a free roam section for the Ebon Hawk. If you engage in the slaver battle before talking to the "real" owner, you never find out about the compartment.
TSLRCM fixes some bugs surrounding said compartment, don't ask me which though, since Zbyl or Stoney did that pretty early on.