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Let's admit it, jka came into the years. Which is to be expected of a 16 year old game.
But it's far from dead and personally my favorite game ever made.

To give newcomers and returning players a pleasurable start into jka I'd like to share some mods and commands. This will be mainly focusing on the Multiplayer aspect of the game.
There might be some weird formatting as my rep is too low to post links so please bare with me.


While using the original jasp.exe/jamp.exe is totally possible, there are a few mods out there that are simply a better option. For multiplayer namely EternalJK. Unfortunatly I can't post links yet, so please search for "eternalJK" and open it's GitHub site.

What is EternalJK?
It is an alternative client which makes playing the game on newer PCs much more enjoyable.
It adds options and commands the base game doesn't have and expands/removes limits on certain commands such as FoV, camera range etc.
Most importantly eternalJK's Masterserver list is working so you don't have to check other websites to search for IPs.

How to install it?
+Download the newest release. Which at the time of me writing this is 1.5.6.
+Extract the files from the ZIP into the Jedi Academy "GameData" folder.

That's it. All you have to do now is run eternaljk.x86.exe.


Open your console with shift+tilde ( ^ the symbol usually left of the 1 key).

Video settings
/seta r_customwidth 1920 - sets the resolution width to 1920, can be set to whatever you need

/seta r_customheight 1080 - sets the resolution height to 1080, can be set to whatever you need

/r_mode -1 - essential for custom resolutions

/vid_restart - applies above commands

/r_displayRefresh 120 - Sets the display refresh rate of your monitor. If your refresh rate is higher set it accordingly.

/com_maxfps 125 - sets your maximal FPS. 125 is considered to be standard but you can go for whatever you like.

Network settings
/rate 25000 - Optimal setting for most high speed connections. If your connection isn't that great try lower values.

/snaps 40 - depending on the server this command can really help with your ping.

/cl_maxpackets 100 - leave it at 100 if you have a decent ping, otherwise try 30 - 50.

Camera settings
/cg_fov 100 - standard FoV can be a pain, change to 100 to actually see what you're doing.

/cg_thirdpersonrange 80 - 80 should be the standard value but if you still feel like it's too close you can change it.

/m_yaw - changes your horizontial mouse sensitivity

/m_pitch - changes your vertical mouse sensitivity

/sensitivity - DUH

Other settings
/cg_drawfps 1 - will show your current FPS in the top right corner

/s_kHz 44 - increases the quality of game and menu sounds

/name xxx - sets the name you'll be using on servers. Using the codes ^1 up to ^0 infront of letters changes their color.

/writeconfig xxx - writes a .cfg file of all your settings which can be loaded with /exec xxx. Can be named whatever you like.

And that's about it. You should notice quite the difference to the normal jamp.exe you've been using.
If you have any other questions hit me up on GOG and I'll see what I can do.
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If eternalJK is similar to openJK, then the "seta r_mode -2" is more simple than setting custom video mode. -2 simply set the game's video to your desktop preferences.
Very good guide! I think this should be stickied up top.
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