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This is a simple FYI for those of you who may enjoy single-player mode with the really good Jedi Academy: Enhanced mod.

I played the campaign from start to finish a couple of times without much trouble, then all of a sudden I started getting crashes all the time - particularly when switching weapons, and when loading new levels. It was almost enough to make me quit playing. I did many searches and read many forum posts and couldn't find an answer.

After a lot of time spent testing the different settings, I believe I found the problem. There is some conflict with the Lightsaber Flare on Ignition setting.

I turned off flares-on-lightsaber ignition (which you can do from the Setup menu in the game, or by editing the config file for JAE), and 95% of my problems disappeared.

If you've been playing Jedi Academy Enhanced and you have crashing problems, especially when switching weapons, maybe this tip will help you.
Thank you!
TaxAkla: Thank you!
You're welcome!

I'm glad someone found this useful.

It's been a couple of weeks since I switched off the ignition flare, and I still have no problems.