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This is a complete guide for SWJK – Jedi Academy, and Jedi Outcast. This will fix the resolution problem, and show you how to play multiplayer over LAN or Single Player with bots.

*Locate your Jedi Knight install base folder. (example E:\GOG\Star Wars Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy\GameData\base)
*Create a file called autoexe.cfg and add your desired settings (See Pic 1.)
*Place the autoexe.cfg file into your Base folder.

1080p would look like this:

Pic 1.

seta r_customwidth 1920
seta r_customheight 1080
seta cg_fov 95
seta r_mode -1

If your game is still displaying wrong. You may not have it set to your “default” resolution, or you may have adjusted text / icon sizes in Windows. If your icons are over 100% this game will not display correctly (took me forever to find this problem)

Pic 2.

*Launch the multiplayer game.
*Select Create Game
*Choose your server name.
*Select how many players / bots
*Pick your map
*Click “Advanced”

Pic 3.

*Change your server to Dedicated LAN (If you choose Internet, you will need to port forward)
*Set any other rules you like.
*Click done.
*Click Begin to launch your server.

Pic 4.

*You should see your server terminal running
*Now launch the game again (DO NOT CLOSE YOUR SERVER TERMINAL)
*NOTE: You cannot launch the game twice from GOG Galaxy, launch it again from your GOG folder, or desktop shortcut

Pic 5.

*Select “Join Game”
*Pick your server. Click Join
*Use the force! Enjoy
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4.png (472 Kb)
5.png (415 Kb)
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Nicely done.
UniversalWolf: Nicely done.
Thank you. Hopefully it helps a few people.
Think you mean "autoexec.cfg"

Works with pretty much every Quake / id Tech 3 engine (and many engines based on it), though sometimes the location of autoexec.cfg changes depending on how much the engine has been modified (some later games like Elite Forces 2 for example had extensive modifications).

It's also worth noting any commands you put into autoexec.cfg may end up being added to the default .cfg (configuration) files, meaning at that point even removing the autoexec.cfg those settings will still be applied because they're still present elsewhere in other .cfg files. In the case of Jedi Knight 2 I'd guess it may be adding them to jk2config.cfg, presuming I can still even remember the default filenames here.

I also remember instances where the commands from autoexec.cfg are added, and if you later edit commands/settings in autoexec.cfg those commands are added again and not altered in the default cfg files. Meaning you could for example end up with multiple entries each trying to set cg_fov to different values and obviously only one will be used.

Since mentioning cg_fov, sometimes setting it via something like the autoexec.cfg doesn't work, when that happens it's worth trying to instead bind the command to a key such as

bind F11 "cg_fov 110"

So when you press F11 it will change the fov to 110, so you don't have to use the console each time you start the game or go through a loading zone (or something else that resets the fov)