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I've played the demo(Mac version) for this game and I noticed that the boss Reborn had a different color of hood depending on the difficulty level I was playing on. Is there anything like that in the full version of the game? READ: Please keep the spoilers to the minimum if possible as I have yet to start the first level and I want the experience to be as novel and rewarding story-wise as possible. I have the game in my GOG library and definitely will play it but I don't know when.

EDIT for clarification: I realize this sounds like a strange question, but here's why I want to know: In playing the demo I got the feeling that the story was being told in a way that meant you were missing out if you didn't play on the "Hard" difficulties. The Reborn only had a red hood(bona-fide Sith) if you played on Jedi Knight or Jedi Master difficulty, meaning the story seemed incomplete(to me) on the easier difficulties. So, did anyone get that impression playing the full game?
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