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The game works fine with single-player but attempting to run the multiplayer version makes it go fullscreen, show nothing but the color gray, then crash.

I have gone through these forums and attempted the opengl32.dll fix to no avail, it made the multiplayer version go fullscreen and gray, then 'not responding' instead of a hard crash to the desktop.

In addition, having the opengl32.dll in the directory when attempting to run the single-player version causes some strange audio/visual bugs.

Other discussions and questions have noted things like running the game with/without fullscreen or EAX, but none of it works.

I don't really know what to do from here, I originally bought the game for the multiplayer, as it was my first major experience in FPS multiplayer games as a kid.

I have played through the campaign a bit and it is pretty good so far, but the original reason why I bought it is the same, and if anyone can think of a way to get it to work, I would be very grateful.
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