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I played this game back in 1999 and got quite far in it. It was one of the games that I dearly missed because it was a game like no other. Years later i found an old release but it kept crashing and wouldn't run properly. So now I'm happy to see there's a version that runs on the latest windows. It's a real pity we can't play this online. I'm not sure if i would spend $10 on this game since it's so old, does the price ever come down on special?
Bought this for 5 Buck in a Sale cause i couldn´t install the game from CD in Win 10.
And yes, nice to port this to Win 10 but i can´t play it in VR. Game-Engine is too old and don´t accept more than 1 display.

Other Racing-Games like this is "Redout" which is modern and supported.
Post edited August 08, 2021 by TripleXHero