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Hello :)

I'd like to play a few multiplayer sessions, but it doesn't work because the game tells me that I need to install IPX first. After some research I found out that it is related to network protocols and I even found out how to install it... on Windows XP. Well, on Windows 10 the necessary NW LINK IPX/SPX/NET BIOS COMPATIBLE TRANSPORT doesn't show up at all and manually trying to download it didn't work either.

So... What am I supposed to do now? I even tried deactivating the firewall, but to no avail.

Other people still seem to be able to play multiplayer, so there must be a solution out there.
Can you help be find out what I have to do?

Edit: I forgot to mark this as a question and I can't change that now.
Post edited September 29, 2019 by Veoryascaleth