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I clearly remeber the game being a lot harder then what it felt like just now, I ended up beating the entire game (1st in all tracks) in a whopping 3.1 hours.... sooo now
Improve your times. Beat all tracks in mirror mode (which is just a trick to disable your current muscle memory). Play multiplayer.

There is not much to do once you beat all tracks in tournament mode and have the best pod parts, but you'll come back to the game if you like the speed and gameplay.
Try doing it again with a new character, and don't buy any upgrades.
If you enjoyed the 3 hours and know how to develop- or reverse engineer software, please help with OpenSWE1R.
Also see my response in the modding request thread.
OpenSWE1R also has a chatroom on gitter to discuss these technical aspects of the game, to make modding possible.

There is also a speedrunning community for the game which has a discord.
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Well there's a few reasons you might think it's way easier:

1. Oh. My Gosh. Playing this game in 60 fps at 1080p is life changing. I can actually react to stuff and see hazards coming up. I'm honestly not sure how I even finished this game on the N64. It's loads better than 30fps with frame dropping at 480i . It's so silky smooth I don't think I can ever go back to the N64 except for nostalgia purposes. So yeah, WAY easier to play on that fact alone.

2. You're older (I'm guessing you played this in your childhood). This game really isn't that hard, but as a kid it was rough.

3. Combine both 1 and 2.

That's my take on it. But yeah, go back and try and beat your times. It's fun to try and whittle down the track records. Plus, most don't know this, but there's a cap to how you can upgrade your pod on a playthrough. You can only earn so much money and once you finish, however you upgraded it is what you're stuck with. Try re-playing with an emphasis on speed upgrades, or accelration upgrades, etc. Try racing with a different racer you've never tried before. It's a simple game for sure, but loads of fun for those of us who spent HOURS of their childhood into this both personally and with friends. I gotta hand it to this game, it's a LOT of tracks for what it is and when it was made.
Personally I'm going back through each course and trying to set records with each corresponding "track favorite". E.g., playing as Teemto Pagalies on Mon Gazza, Clegg Holdfast on Aquilaris, etc. Good excuse to go in and try characters that I don't normally play as, since I only really tried out a handful of characters during my initial run.

Plus it's wayyy more exciting the second time around, assuming you finished the game with all upgrades that are fully repaired. The difference in how fast you can go when maxed on everything really opens up new paths that weren't available early on.
yeah, same thing here, 4 hours and it's over. I had a lot of trouble with this game when I was a kid too, but I remember that 95% of the troubles were resolved when I discovered that you can make sharp turns pressing down + left or right! HAHAHA, I was stuck in this stage for days and I decided to read the manual and.. .there was there, how to make sharp turns.

Yeah, beating this game again was very nostalgic and, sincerely, it's VERY GOOD! There are excellent tracks in there! It aged quite well in my opinion.
3D aspect gaming was also still a relatively new experience to gamers back then N64/PSX. I remember many 3D games being harder to me then than they are now. Plus I think the limited nature of the more basic visuals also increased difficulty.

Making the game seem harder as draw distance, clarity are harder. Like Turok for instance, one of the great things about the original was the fact the draw distance/fog was so close raptors and stuff would appear nearly on top of you making you jump out of your chair.
Yeah, same here. I've played through it probably 4 or 5 times in the last 4 days in addition to doing some testing with different pods on different tracks and such. I wish there was more to it such as extra tracks, harder difficulty, extra modes, etc... but I think we need a new game for all that (I would love to see that some day!). I might try playing through with only one of the original six pods that are available and maybe make the winnings lower so I actually struggle.