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I'd appreciate a patch!
Thanks for doing that research and sharing the answer, Plokite_Wolf. At least the devs gave an answer instead of ignoring the question. I am sympathetic to their reasons.

On the other hand, a GOG user's purchase money has the same value as a Steam user's, so it sucks really bad that the GOG version is stuck being sub-par. I interpret the statement "If we end up in a situation where we have available resources to make a GoG version, we'll look into that too" to be a very polite & considerate indication that it ain't ever going to happen in reality.
Hope they release at least the update to fix graphical and stability issues... That can be done by anyone. The executable should be the same, like the source code, so they just have to apply changes they've already applied to the steam's executable, excluding the ones regarding the multiplayer.