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I'm not sure that this is the right place to post this but I am very confused. I have the clone wars mod installed (version 4.0) and have gotten pretty far in galactic conquest with it. Yesterday I installed a no-cd patch. I then played multiplayer on the LAN and saved the game. When I went to load the game, there was nothing in the list. I started a new game and found that my multiplayer and any new saves are accessible by the game to load. My old saves are not. Navigating to the Forces of Corruption save folder in the users\my user\save games\ etc shows all of my old saves but not the new ones. Do you guys know where the new saves might be? My game is installed on a separate drive than the os. Thanks for your help.
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I have no idea why you want to use a no-cd patch for the GOG-version though.

But anyway, the savepath is depending on the compatibility settings. Might be included in your so called patch :P

C:\Users\YOURACCOUNTNAME\AppData\Roaming\Petroglyph\Empire At War - Forces of Corruption\Save

or type in W8 onwards (not sure about lower versions)


Shall open your savegame folder (ok, not really, one up, but you'll get the idea ;) )

If you run the game in a different setting (XP versus non-XP (IIRC)) it changes the savepath.