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In Empire at War (Base Gold-Pack) game. I am unable to exit "single" person games.
I recently updated to a LG Gaming Monitor with a display setting of 1560x1440, 120Hz
My GPU is a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660
Driver version 526.98
Intel i7 -7700 @ 3.60Ghz.
with 48Gb RAM

Game response is sluggish when responding to my mouse movements.
When starting the game, it seems to take forever to respond to my clicks on "Begin" game.

Then when the game completes, I am unable to get the game to respond to the "Exit".

I am at that point forced to power off my computer via the "power button" because I can't even get it to let me run the task manager. I can get Task Manager to startup, but when I use "windows-Tab" to switch to the Task Manager it briefly shows up, then Empire at War takes control of the screen... and I am unable to force exit via the task manager.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? I have not tried an Empire at War "space" battle just yet. This is only when doing a land battle. I am posting this then, I'll go try a space battle.
Check if the workaround from this thread improves the situation.

If the previous thread was not helpful, you can check this one too.
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