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Greetings! I have a problem with Jedi Knight.
I recently bought the game from GOG because I was sick of the silent Steam version. Well, that's not really important.
The thing is, I installed GOG's Jedi Knight and tried to play. It went well, it had music, and I touch some things in the Options menu. Especially, I enabled 3D acceleration and selected my monitor's resolution, 1366x720. I worked pretty well, and I decided to exit the game in order to import my character from the Steam version.

And then the horror started. My wallpaper appeared with distorted colors. The Windows explorer was gone, not responding, and even after killing it I couldn't reboot it. I even killed the Windows manager and tried to reboot it, but nothing worked. My only option was to reboot the entire computer.
Apparently nothing happened. Windows doesn't detected any kind of error, which is normal, as it clearly looked like a graphic driver problem.
I already downloaded the patch provided here forum/star_wars_dark_forces_series/jedi_knight_mots_hardware_acceleration_graphic_patches_for_all/page1
but to be honest, I'm a little scared of trying to play the game again, since a failure implies that I have to reboot my computer... again. Did something like this happened to someone?
I'm using Win 7, my graphic card is an nVidia Geforce 660.
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I don't own the GoG version of JK but if it's anything like other GoG games the GoG Launcher suspends the Windows Explorer to prevent that color bug that sometimes happens with old DirectDraw games on Windows 7. The problem is that it's possible that the Explorer doesn't get started again especially if the game exited unexpectedly leaving you with an unresponsive system.
You can try launching JK directly but that could cause compatibility issues that the GoG Launcher is supposed to fix.
Thank you, I'll try it later. The thing is that I exited the game normally, nothing unexpected. Perhaps some other program messed up something? I saw some flashes of my desktop with the Focus Booster running (it should be minimized) when I went between the game and the pause screen.

EDIT: Ok, trying to start the game directly through JK.exe gave me an extremely low resolution and a Windows alert that the graphic performance went into the abyss, and maybe I should set the Windows colors to basic. Trying again with the GOGLauncher seems to work fine now, but after exiting the game my taskbar (and my explorer.exe, I assume) was unresponsive for a few seconds. I don't think is something that should happen in any case, so I'm a bit concerned...

EDIT 2: Bypassing the GOGLauncher entirely and starting the game with the -windowgui parameter seems to make it works pretty well. It's not the prettiest thing, but it still works better than the Steam version (which horribly flashes when going windowed) and I have music. I don't think I can trust the GOGLauncher, sadly, as it still does the creepy-unresponsive-explorer thing.
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