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I just wanted to let you know... I've been gaming since the early 90's. I bought the original Jedi Knight on cdrom as soon as it became available. Back when I was running a Windows 98 setup. 3D acceleration did work with the game back then but I want you to know something. While the textures were more clear, they were blurry, and the models were just as blocky as if you were running in software rendering mode.

I've read the posts here about trying to get 3D acceleration working on this game in modern times. I just want you to know, there is virtually no difference and you're really not missing out on much. Don't mourn if you can't get 3D acceleration to work in this game. It is almost the same either way. Just enjoy the story and the gameplay. That's just my advice, from someone who's been gaming almost 30 years. You're really not missing out on much. :)