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mwnn: I get really funky results with the texture pack =O

First shot is GoG default.

Second shot is the texture pack.

If I add in the enhanced JK.exe & .dll taken from the other thread - I get an instant crash =D
OMG, you are right. I hadn't noticed it, but in that level the high res textures are too large in size and so give those strange results. Going to have to reconsider using it now that you've pointed that out to me. :P But the first two levels in Nar Shadda were noticeably improved - comparing the walls of the buildings at a distance.

And yes, JKE can cause crashes for some, as well as stuttering cutscenes. This is why I've avoided using it. Hopefully it will get fixed in time, but for now I'm going to hold off.

EDIT: And oddly enough, having removed the file to remove the high res textures, and retrying the Jedi fight with Yun, this time Rahn was heard clearly. No idea if it was the removal of the texture pack or because I level skipped to get to the fight (as I'd already passed it and had no save in that level).
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I just tried the wrapper fix and it's working great on Windows 8.1. Thanks!
Still not on windows 10.

Notice me senpai :(
SRQ: Still not on windows 10.

Notice me senpai :(
There's nothing I can do about the game not working, man. Sorry. Wait until Windows 10 is actually released before you worry about game compatibility, as changing anything for it now is a waste of effort if they change things around some more.
It's not the game, rather it's the specific CD thing.
I get that, that's cool, all I wanted a response either saying "that's easier to fix" or "you're sol."

Just somethin', and you provided!
Thank you senpai.
Tarvis: Drat, there is something I forgot about, some levels jump back to an earlier track when its playlist completes, I forgot to account for that. I'll fix it soon.
Did you fix this bit yet?
Tarvis: This winmm.dll solves a couple of issues that GoG's CD wrapper had.
It seems to have been based on hifi's ogg-winmm project, so I made a few changes to fix things specifically for Jedi Knight (and by extension MotS)


If any GoG staffer wants to see the code changes for possible inclusion in the official release, here's the git repo. Note that these fixes are pretty much workarounds, so I wouldn't use this .dll for any other game.
First off Tarvis, a GREAT BIG THANKYOU for doing this. Your moddified .dll implementation pretty much fixed all the CD music issues that I had with JK.

I know that for the Steam patch(es) that you created, you looked at the order of the CD tracks and the level associations and did an awesome job of changing them so they made more thematic sense. Does this implementation modify the playlist in any way? Does the modified .dll keep the CD Track/Level associations as 'vanilla?'

Also, am I correct in thinking that if this file is copied into the MOTS directory then it will work for that too?

Cheers and thanks,
Bit of a bump, but the wrapper was broken on Windows 10, causing the game to fail to start. Same deal with the official GoG version.

Here's a fixed version:

It seems the new GoG version fixes the volume control as well, so my version is a bit redundant. Oh well.

And no, my wrapper here doesn't touch the CD track order.
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I'm confused, did i need this fix for GoG version in windows 10 or not (for Mysteries of Sith)? I have music ingame, maybe it only loops after i stand still, but i think that music tracks changes in same level (or maybe not, i dunno)