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I recently came across the Saber Battle mods for both Jedi Knight and MotS. Right now I'm trying to install the MotS version but it doesn't appear in the game at all. It seems like a standard .goo, file but putting it into the resources folder of the game doesn't alter anything. If anyone knows how to install the mod properly I'd appreciate the help.

Here are links to the mod pages:

And then a video I found showing what the game should look like in single player:
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I got the mod to work by using the conman program. If there are any mods that aren't working for mysteries of the sith, manually installing them this way seems to work. Just use conman to extract the files into a mod folder with the same folder names as the GOB or GOO file you're trying to download. I'll upload pictures later so that you can see what I mean, for now here's a link to the conman program: [url=][/url]