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Up until now, there has only been GlovePie scripts to enable some semblance of Mouselook in Dark Forces. Problem is that the mouse speed is affected by running, and there is no dead-zone causing your view to rocket all over the place.

The proud Russian people have come to our aid in our most desperate hour! Dark Forces DeHacker allows you to tweek certain setting in Dark Forces most notably enabling mouselook! As a bonus, the source files are included in the zip.


1. Turn on always run (Shift now moves you at normal speed)
2. Jump Button Autofire
3. Secondary Fire on Mouse
4. Increase Mouse Sensitivity

Secondary Fire Note:

Dark Forces can sometimes consider your mouse wheel click as your secondary fire. You may need to mess with INSTALL.exe to rebind the mouse buttons.

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nice, that works great!
thank you for the link
I stumbled upon that yesterday but I didn't understand what the hell they were talking about and thought it was more a trainer than anything.

Well time to dust off the old box and give it a try then.
I finally got to try this out. At first I was a little disappointed, expecting the mouselook to feel more "natural", like it was always built into the game. Mainly it still feels awkward that looking up/down is much slower than turning left/right. But, as you wrote, this is clearly superior to using a GlovePIE script, as it allows for more nuanced camera controls and is unaffected by movement speed. Once I got used to just moving the mouse quicker for looking up/down it really made a great difference to the way I played before. So, thanks to the coder for that!

I will still be using GlovePIE to map weapon switching to the mouse wheel and items like headlights and night vision goggles to other buttons, though.
On that note, while you're setting up Dark Forces to your liking, I again recommend changing the midi music to General MIDI to sound much better, at least on Windows 10.

changed my mind, changed my post :)
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