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With the latest version of -=CHE@TER=-'s DeHacker tool mouse controls in Dark Forces are finally implemented as though they were always fully featured in the game. Full mouselook, secondary fire on right mouse button, customizable crosshair and also optionally disabled auto-aim, making it control more like other 90's first-person shooters.

Other optional features include a No-CD hack for the disc version of the game, "always run", "auto-jump", and more.

Here's a video to see it fully in action:

Download the zip-file below and extract the contents into your Dark Forces game folder. The setup needs to run in DOS, so if you're using DOSBox, it's easiest to open the DOSBox configuration file (e.g. for the GOG version it is "C:\GOG Games\Star Wars - Dark Forces\dosbox_DF.conf", for the Steam version "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Dark Forces\dosbox.conf", or similar) and in it change "DARK.EXE" to "DFORCEDH.EXE". Then launch the game shortcut and set up the DeHacker as you like. I recommend the settings shown in the video. After saving the changes just change the configuration file back to "DARK.EXE" and you're good to go!

Download link: (direct download)
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Cool, i'll try it out, thanks