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Hey, I have some new files, not with a 17606 ending, does this cause any problems ?
Aacuallty I can not use this script because innoextract 1.7 is not supported by my ubunut versin ..
Still would be interested if it makes senece for me to work around this.
goupher: (…)
You can find recent builds of innoextract for Ubuntu there:

The current installers are not supported yet, I'm going to check if I can add support for them soon.


Sadly the latest installers are out of scope for now, due to GOG using a custom version of InnoSetup based on a developement snapshot instead of a stable version, cf.
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• New archive:
  - setup_star_wars_battlefront_ii_1.1_(10935).exe
    - setup_star_wars_battlefront_ii_1.1_(10935)-1.bin
    - setup_star_wars_battlefront_ii_1.1_(10935)-2.bin
I recommend to use New installers - mess with online update. Latest two offline build based on 1.0 version with 1.1 exe and still no have online (this installer made for Galaxy compatibility, if player install it offline but want later add to Galaxy - that why sometimes installer updates "internal structure with no game files changed").
So is latest stable and 1.1 patched GOG offline build. Same as old retail 1.1 version.

Any version is MULTI (maybe not fully dubbed). have GOG Language Selector as well as current builds.

Latest when be available it marked as Windows XP compatible version. Now you can find iyt only on torrents.
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I think this is good advice, especially for Linux users who want to play multiplayer but do not want to waste time on trying to get Galaxy to run.

By the way, our website shows instructions with the current GOG-provided installer, but we kept support for the old installer too. You only need to give ./ the path to the .exe file instead of the current one, everything else should work the same.
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Actually i play on Windows and play with Steam version mostly. I just try for offline some GOG builds and notice (in singleplayer) that game not a 1.1 version. on Win is a best build for SWBF 2 Spy (on Win), GameRanger (on Win) and old Dedicated Server tool. And for some LAN\listen servers created from ingame menu - that possible only in old retail 1.1 (and GOG versions. LAN (virtual) co-op campagn is possible too (only from ingame create server menu).
Ingame created multiplayer server is easiest way for Linux, i think.

P.S. If someone miss that old playthrough on YT, here the entire campaign co-op mode and some regular MP battles videos:
by Marbrinus channel. Not so easy to find that in 2020 after EA BF.
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