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Apparently all the content from this game is available as mods for battlefront 2. So is there any reason to try out this version? I like a decent single player campaign and have found the 2nd's gameplay to be more fast paced than i like - i prefer a slower paced, ww2 style shooter, which isn't unheard of in star wars games (xwing/tiefighter) any chance bf1 will be closer to that? ( I do realize that the star wars themed mod for battlefield 1942 might be what I'm really looking for)
SWBF1 classic, is much more slower paced than swbf2, you can go prone, as well as crouch. The ai is more deadlier and competent in my experience, the maps are very fun, the gunplay is smoother and feels great overall. This game is focused on being a regular soldier in the movie's battles, rather than a hero or someone special. It is definitely closer to the star wars mod for 1942 than SWBF 2 classic is. Also vehicles are more realistic and not as easy to destroy as 2. There's plenty of mods on moddb and SWBF GAMERS also.
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Game musch more balanced due no ability to play as heroes for real players.
I think it's worth owning both-- the first game certainly has a different 'feel' to it.