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(Steam version) After zooming in I get an annoying blue square that covers alot of the screen. Does this version have this aswell?
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Not that I've seen, but it would help if you had a screenshot.
Like a transparent box
MistaMelon: Like a transparent box
Nope. i've got my GOG version today and i don't have this problem
MistaMelon: Like a transparent box
Yes, the gog version has that blue square as well. I have an ultra wide monitor at 2560 x 1080 resolution. I have to play at a lower res for it to go away.
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So does anybody know at what resolution this box starts to appear?
Maybe better using normal full-screen resolutions? With keep aspect ratio and black bars. Cause SWBF2 do not support wide screen even allow set widescreen resolutions (text, UI). Almost same for BF1
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