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The music is close to correct, but not quite. Some of the instruments sound wrong, but not as wrong as if you hadn't done the MT-32 patch. Things like harsher and less melodic combinations of instruments and maybe some strings and horns mixed up.

As a sanity check I installed a separate version of Judgement Rites using D-Fend Reloaded set up the same way and it sounds correct. I'm sure I'm just missing something dumb and I'd really appreciate somebody being able to point it out to me.

The mixer /listmidi output in DOSBOX shows "1" as "MT-32 Synth Emulator" and I have both installs of JR set to midiconfig=1 in the DOSBOX config files. The JR game config files for both have these settings:


I've replaced "TREKJR" and the two "DATA" and "FED" files in the game install folders with the patched ones to fix the original MT-32 problem. Both of the games show up in the MUNT window, apparently both using MUNT to output sound.

Does anybody know of anything I could be missing? Thanks


I think I figured out what was happening. I'm not sure exactly what was causing the wrong instrumentation, but I found a config file for the game in the cloudsaves folder that I think the game kept trying to load from instead of the one in the TREK2 folder. I disabled cloudsaves and deleted that config file and now it's sounding correct.
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