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We know that with a modded BC the bottleneck becomes the CPU (try with Remastered BC to do a quickbattle with 20 Klingon spaceships). Alas, given the game's age, it cannot use the multi-thread capabilities of modern processors. So I guess to get the best out of this game we should look for the highest clocked cpu on the market right? Right now the fastest CPU on the market is (Googling) the i913900k, clocked at 5.80 GHz.

But then it would be (again speaking only of clock speed, since the game doesn't use the other more modern characteristics of the CPU) of a "only" 20% gain compared, for example, to an I7-3770k overclocked to 4.80 GHz more from 13 years ago?!?!

I'm right? Or are there other factors that in my ignorance I have not considered?

Thanks to anyone who can answer me!!! :)
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