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Weird problem here.

When I install the game, it will run in fullscreen just fine. However, if I quite the game and attempt to run it again, it will crash immediately after the DOSBox window opens.

If I uninstall and reinstall the game, it will work again, once. This has been consistent across four attempts so far.

If I change the DOSBox config to to run the game in a window, it will run fine, every time. If I attempt to enter fullscreen via Alt+Enter, it will crash. Furthermore, if I launch the game in fullscreen following a fresh install and Alt+Tab out, attempting to place the game inot fullscreen again with Alt+Tab will result in a crash.

Any thoughts?
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RemanentSky: Any thoughts?
This is a very strange behavior, and I'm not sure I can't help you.
However I would like to ask a question: is "Star Trek™: 25th Anniversary" the only game which makes DOSBox crash?

Anyway I suspect that the issue could be caused by DOSBox rendering engine, hence I suggest you to try selecting a different DOSBox output.
First of all you have to run DOSBox Graphics Mode Setup:
- If the game was installed via GOG GALAXY, please select the game in GOG GALAXY, click on Customization > Additional Executables > Graphics Mode Setup;
- If the game was installed via offline installer, then open Start Menu\Programs\GAME-TITLE\Tools\Graphics Mode Setup.
Then, in Graphics Mode Setup tool select different Graphic Modes, save the settings and try running the game. You can even try modifying the advanced settings, if needed.