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this is my first time posting. ;)

Well, I'm trying to translate the Enhanced CD English version into Spanish. I've really done progress, and I have the texts translated, now I'm testing. The Enhanced CD version was never released in Spanish, but the original 8 disks version was.
I think it is a good idea to hear the original actors from original Star Trek serie with spanish subtitles.

I have done my own tools for translate .TXT and .RDF files. I have even done my own decoder/(fake) encoder tool to make the files available in the game. I add to this a graphical tool for some new graphics in the Enhanced CD version that were not in the original disk version (graphics that appear only in Vengeance mission).

The fake encoder tool I've done works well for small files (the resultant fake compressed lzss file is bigger than the original). I have used part of the code that somebody do for Judgmente Rites.

But there is an image very big, VENG9.BMP. If I compress it with my tool exceeds the 65530 bytes limit of the executable.

My question is,
anybody has a tool that encodes/compresses the files with the original format of Star Trek 25th Anniversary? I know the format is LZSS but I have not found info about any tool for make this.

Any help will be appreciate.

Thanks in advance,
Best regards,
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