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It should have already been released, and seems to be available somewhere else... Why isn't it yet here for us?

Edit: Oook, it seems the game just got updated, and the DLC has been included in the game
Post edited December 16, 2021 by Lone_Scout
Just a quick question:
There are 5 Free Dlc on Steam ( Enter the Dragoon, The Imperium Strikes Back and Total Lunarcy, Guardian of the Metaverse and said Prime Dimension Dlc).
Are these also integrated into the game installer?
Its a little bit confusing when there are free Dlcs on Steam and not here on GoG, but the game gets updated with said Dlc without a "warning" or at least a Info/Patchnote that the update did add a new Dlc.
I've come back to this game after a while and I have also noticed that apparently Star Renegades on GOG is "missing" Prime Dimension, as the game states it's "inactive". All other DLCs have been baked into the main game and are listed as present/active, but I don't know what's up with this one.

See also this thread on Steam forums.
I've submitted a bug report on this to both GOG Support and Raw Fury, so I'll let you know what they say (and if this is a graphical glitch or a real problem )
Raw Fury replied and said as long as the game is on 1.5.1 (or higher) then Prime Dimension should be working, they seemed confused by it being marked inactive, so I guess someone needs to playthrough the whole buncha times necessary to check on that front.

GOG hasn't gotten back to me (and going by their baseline pace recently I wouldn't expect a reply for like 2 weeks )