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When I run my GOG "vanilla" Stalker Clear Sky, it doesn't start.

Well, the splash screen displays, then goes away. And the game never starts. In Task Manager the xray engine is running, and can be ended.

The log file is always short, and ends with this line:

[error][ 18] : There are no more files.
Tried various compatibility settings to no avail. Time to google. Found a thread (with solution). Thought I'd repost this here in case anyone else has the same issue:

Thread with solution: Stalker Clear Sky - Won't start up

I have an ASUS MB (as does that thread's OP). In my case the game did not error out with the OP's "xrEngine has stopped working"; instead, the splash screen just went away and then... nothing.

The solution was this post:

Disabled both "High Definition Audio Device" in the device manager and it took right off!
In my case I have 4 "High Definition Audio Device" listed. For me, disabling the "top-most 3" and leaving the "bottom-most" one active, did the trick. At first I disabled all 4 and it worked; so then I enabled them in sequence to see if it would work with any of them - and yes, it works with the bottom one only (or none of them).

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