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Any mission, whether a secondary or main one, like helping to kill mutants to wiping enemies out at the farmstead never complete. I get to the point where there are no enemies left and told to wait for backup. It never happens. Sometimes my allies are mere feet away from the trigger point and they stop moving. I've restarted twice.
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It's a common bug in the unmodded game. There is an unofficial patch that fixes it: Requires a new game, but by the sounds of it, that's nothing new to you.

Self-serving statement incoming: the version of the aforementioned unofficial patch at ModDB is quite dated. You may wish to check out the latest development version at GitHub instead. It fixes a lot more, especially pertaining to the faction wars.
Didn't try your mod, but I did try one that solved the problem. It's able to spawn faction memebers. It's called CS Main Menu Mods Compilation. Thank you for your help!