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If you read through the thread, you'll see I had a major issue of crashing with mods on Origin spore. On top of that, even without mods, I'd crash all the time in all the stages (anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour).

I have been playing GOG spore for 9 hours today. Only one single crash. That is with mods added, which would cause an instant 5-10 minute crash on Origin (only if logged onto Sporepedia).Origin spore also crashed a lot for me.

I have Windows 10, so maybe the DRM spore has (which GOG spore does not have), heavily interferes with it. Or maybe its origin itself. Not sure. In any case, GOG spore is immensely more stable than Origin spore. It also works far better with mods than steam spore does (at least for me).

Very happy I bought it on GOG.