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If I use ForceShadowMode=0 (projector), the part where I use the PC at the end of this level glitches up and the commandos that are supposed to storm the location get stuck on the stairs. Doesn't always happen, but it happens often enough to be annoying. The weird part is I've never had this problem before.

Now if I use ForceShadowMode=1 (buffer), then the level works perfectly, but the problem there is that the shadows are glitched up because modern video cards are incompatible with this shadow system.

And I tried dgVoodoo2 and the widescreen fix, and none of them have helped restore full shadows (you can tell in the CIA level as the first lamp doesn't even slightly light Fisher, so he sticks out like a shadow).

So is there anyone else who had this glitch? If so, how did you fix it without using the shadow mode? The game is literally unplayable right now with that level.
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Just make save file at this moment of the level while you are playing with ForceShadowMode=0 as it was written in the ini-file.Then turn off original settings and play comfortably.
btw, updating this question after many years, but dgVoodoo2 does now work perfectly at getting the old shadows working, and the enemies never seem to glitch up here. Since the buffer shadows look better anyways, it's what people should use. Just replying so if anyone else wants answers, this'll help.