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Hi all!

Love this game. Working with vintage PCs is a passion of mine and this game is a great example how technology advances have made some games not fully compatible anymore.

Splinter Cell has shadows for most of the game. You can change some settings in the ini file regarding buffer and projection mode, but regardless, not all shadows and effects will be rendered.

With EAX sound, this kinda broke after Vista and Windows 7. Alchemy is meant to fix this but the EAX option will still remain non operational in the game.

I'm planning on doing a proper comparison and demonstration video and will host it on YT but for the time being, if you want to build a nice machine for this game go with this:

Pentium 4 or AMD Ahtlon XP
512MB RAM for Windows 98SE and 512+ MB RAM for XP SP1
Windows 98SE or Windows XP SP1
Geforce 3, 4 or FX (FX 5950 Ultra is the fastest card that will show all shadows)
Audigy, Audigy 2 or X-Fi (For EAX HD support)
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Hehe, I was going to link a relevant post I made about this some time ago , but then I noticed it's referenced in an older [url=]thread you yourself made. :)

Anyway, I already know all the shadow things about this game, but if you make a comparison video, it might help clear it up for others.
Seeing this game on a GF4 the first time last week was a special moment :)

I will have to figure out a good way to organise this. Likely involving setting up two machines next to each other with a KVM switchbox into my AverMedia capture card.

It will be a lot of work finding all these little spots that show the difference...
i recently bought a ps3 and also the splinter cell HD trilogy, with HD versions of sc1 and 2 running in 1080p. looks a lot better than the pc version with the different but not perfect shadow renderers, in fact the games look like when they were release for pc back in the day (because the pc version was used as a base). some framerate issues here and there but overall it was a pleasure to play these old gems again :)