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Yeah, the title isn't a joke.
I've never even seen a PC game that doesn't have keymap page even if it wasn't editable.
This isn't a finished port and we are not beta testers.
Also, before we go further, I am a programmer. I write code for a living and reverse-engineer MMORPGs and archive formats for fun. I'm plenty qualified to comment on what programming a PC game takes. It's not "black-magic" to me.

Lets start off by saying nice things. The graphics work that has be done on this game is very nice and suitable to call PC-ready. I also appreciate how well the GNU+Linux port works. Running it on my primary OS is the main reason I bought the game after all.

Now for outrage. I'm honestly amazed that a supposed "high-priority" bug or feature-request like "key-rebinding" has remained unfixed/unfinished for 3 years. I only see that kind of stuff on cost-free open-source projects where users don't have the right to complain.

The fact that you even have access to the source code and can make such changes is a benefit of being employed by someone (who do you work for again?) and of users willing to pay money for a PC port, yes?

I'm currently porting an Android game that used native C++ code (NDK) for the majority of its functionality, without source code mind you. So I'm figuring out how to rewrite the game from about 300K lines of hardly understandable decompiler code, happy that I even have that to work with. Surely, you can figure out how make a good PC port with 800K of well-written source code.

What I'm say is, that you need to bunker down and finish the feature. Any code that breaks while do so was going to break anyways and needs to be rewritten. There is no point in fearing broken code. After all, our job most of the time is fixing broken code.

I'm sure you are hard at work fixing it right now. Nevertheless the first thing I did when I started playing this game is look for the keymap page like I always do when I play a PC game. It wasn't there. This game doesn't come with a manual, so I pressed every key on keyboard. I figured out moving, camera, some quest menu, and jump. That's it. A PC user shouldn't have to go further than this to figure out how all the buttons work, I got about half.

I quit the game right there, disappointed that it was so difficult to interact with such a beautiful game.
I'll try to play the game again once this is fixed, but until then I'll consider this game as "in-development" rather than a "released" product.

Best of luck to you Swyter, I know porting isn't easy, but it's not that hard either.