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I am in Heliopolis trying to get through the force field to the South desert. I’m really confused because I swear I did this before. I saved the wife of the crying dog guy already. Isn’t that what’s back there? But now the force field is up and it’s telling me I need a statue to get through. I don’t have the underwater darts yet to swim through Heliopolis point either. Any suggestions?
It does sound like your save is messed up or some levels were played out of order, as you can't normally talk with the crying dog guy without disabling the force field. The only thing I can suggest is trying to use the boatman to travel to the opposite side of Heliopolis, as long as you've gone there before it "should" be available. But given the state of the barrier at that point in the storyline, who really knows.

Feel free to send me broken saves to @Swyter at and I will do my best to fix them in a timely fashion, same goes for any urgent issues or features you may need, unfortunately I don't get post notifications here.

Another thing worth trying is taking advantage of the backups the game makes each time you save; they don't get deleted, and by simply renaming the timestamped files you can easily roll back your progress.

For where those save files may be, take a look here:
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