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Changelog for Patch 2018-05-28 (added 29 June 2018):

- Add the initial version of the HQ Sphinx/Mummy character texture replacements, they were sourced from the highest pre-rendered 3ds Max models available and they don't exactly match their final counterparts, so it will require some texture tweaking and recoloring work, but this is good enough for now; the amount of extra detail is beautiful.
- Add several new HQ texture replacements covering mainly Heliopolis Dungeon, Uruk Intro, Uruk Islands and Anubis Wall.
- Uncomment the unpossession code so that we can still play the old Sakkara maps with the Dino Oafs and Shell Critters, it should also fix the contextual buttons not changing after possessing the same monster a second time. See ContextActions.xls for HT_Trig_Context_CancelPossession / HT_Trig_Context_DinoOaf / HT_Trig_Context_Frog.
- Get rid of the possession dart first-person fire action context when arriving at a Sakkara unpossession point by resetting the Sphinx action context to the default one, the HUD and buttons looked pretty buggy.
- Raise the large data heap again a bit (to 40 MiB, same as in Xbox) from the original 22 MiB in PC. Fixes OOM crash in the second part of the _sk_02.edb mod, right after the submap load due to big map sizes.
- Add an extra xxHash for the propPusheableBull texture (from _mu_eye), add a HQ texture for the triple mummy saw trap in that very same map, it was pretty low res.
- Fix the "/lib32/ version `GLIBC_2.7' not found" error on older Linux distros. This is caused by the GLIBC update, which made Sphinx.elf use powf@@GLIBC_2.2.5. Replace it by the perfectly functional powf@GLIBC_2.0 and use manual Linux glibc versioning selection based on this:
- Tell the Linux linker to use both hash styles ("sysv" a "gnu") for compatibility. Set the OpenGL library to LEGACY to keep using libgl instead of libglvnd.

Changelog for Patch 2018-06-28 (added 29 June 2018):

- Made the fan-favorite intro logo thunderous again. The sound was broken on release due to a little hashcode header mismatch.
- Add initial support for the mouse-controlled camera that we have been teasing for a while, we still need to add a mouse sensitivity control. The player can shoot with the left mouse button and exit first-person mode via right-click. The groundwork for keyboard action mapping is laid out and it will probably come after this.
- Save the vertical sync changes to Sphinx.ini, fixes disabling v-sync in the in-game options.
- Prefix the screen name with a number in the graphics options, useful to distinguish them in case there are two or more screens with the same name.
- Add support for clicking the "(B) Back" labels in the pause and main menus, now the user can go back and cancel via mouse.
- Carefully hex-edit the level data to improve draw distances of NPCs and triggers in the Abydos Canals. Now characters like the the boat owner, the Mad Boy/Juggler and the giggling lady in the Main Plaza can be seen from afar.
- Add several much needed HQ textures for the Abydos Museum, refurbish some wall textures to add some lost detail. Make some signs and canopies partially transparent via alpha-testing/alpha-to-coverage.
- Remove the squarish/invisible roadblocks in the middle of the ramp in the Great Wall Entrance II Room, the collision meshes of the wooden pillars poked through the ramp they support. This is a long standing bug still present in all the original console versions.
- Fix the hanging flags collision in the sneak corridor of the Castle of Uruk during the second mummy visit. Now the mummy doesn't get stuck and can walk and sneak under them, hopefully without introducing some extra regressions.
- If we skipped a cutscene with the inventory key and the dialog/help window was in a pause point waiting for user input we would get stuck in the fade-to-black transition after skipping it, and we would also need to press 'accept' to return to normal gameplay. Fix that so that pressing the inventory/skip button suffices.
- Reimplement some beta features and mechanics asked by modders:
- Add support for the PushFlag_AmunRa flag in the XTrigger_Pickupable and XTrigger_Pushable triggers; it was halfplemented. Set the needed strength to 2 if we have the Hands of Amun + Hands of Amun Ra or 1 of each. Previously it only counted the amount of HT_Item_Ability_HandsOfAmun, and there was no reference to HT_Item_Ability_HandsOfAmunRa.
- Whitelist HT_Item_Pickup_FireDart for pickup creation, which is also used while dropping items randomly in breakable containers. Also, add support for dropping fire darts on intelligent item generation.
- Now when ContainerFlag_SpawnPickup is checked in EuroLand the FireDart flag can generate an item in either random or intelligent mode. The behavior in the final game shouldn't change because this item isn't flagged in any container, only in beta maps.
- Fix the slightly offset highlight tab in the Notes section of the Book of Sphinx; the currently selected objective/entry text overflowed a bit.
- Update the copyright year of the boot-up/legal screen from the initial 2017 to 2018.
- Use the HQ selection tab texture for the Book of Sphinx again, it regressed after the latest changes.
- Losslessly compress all of the HQ texture replacements, reducing their disk footprint and halving loading times.
- Reduce HQ texture replacement micro-stutter during gameplay.
- Add some framebuffer discard optimizations on MSAA resolve.
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2018-09-05 (Thursday)

New Luxor Palace and Heliopolis Exterior textures.
Avoid rare softlocks in the middle of a conversation if the NPC/monster dies for any reason. Go back to normal game mode and unfreeze the controls.

Proper mod folder support, by letting third-parties/modders provide their own BuildData/Filelist.bin while using the original one as fallback.
When possible the new resources will override the original ones through a Sphinx.ini configuration option or the -mod <folder> command-line argument; in that order.

Example mod folder path via configuration key:
[BootState] PCMod=H:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\workshop\content\606710\1450113507
Use a custom savegame namespace/folder for each mod. Now mods and the main game won't share the same set of save slots. Hopefully each mod will have its own suffixed version.
While in -dev mode, fill the list of levels by looking for maps in multiple Filelists and not just the first one, and merging the results. This makes it possible to select all the available levels from the right-click menu list.
New color-tinted Xbox button glyphs.
Workaround to prevent the lack of depth-testing when RivaTuner RTSS and other badly-programmed/misbehaving overlays disable it by mistake.
Add a Sphinx.ini configuration option to disable tutorial prompts and tips:
[Control] TutorialPrompts=0
Fix the rare cutout glitches in translucent surfaces when soft particles are enabled.
Limit the FOV to 20-110 degrees.
Invert the 3rd person camera in both axes by default. Shouldn't affect existing configurations.
Reduce the spawn radius distance of the Bird guarding the Abydos Museum entrance to 460 from 700 meters (it didn't let you enter the Museum after getting the Stairs key unless it despawned).
Remove the buggy beta levels bundled with the game (not needed anymore when there's a mod for it and the Authoring Tools).
Add a proper message box error when we are loading an .EDB file and run out of memory, also add another one when the .EDB path can't be found/opened.
Add proper glBufferStorage synchronization, fixing the occasional graphics glitches that made characters look like they were ripped apart.

2019-01-04 (Friday)

Fix possible framerate judder/frame skip issues by ensuring that we only use monitor resolutions and frame-rates compatible with the fixed in-game display/update rate.
Should fix issues where the monitor exposes 59 Hz or 70/75 Hz refresh rates and we pick that by mistake.
Now it should only use 60 Hz, 120 Hz (or 180 Hz+) physical swap rates. To ensure it can be properly v-sync'ed.
Implement soft distance fade-ins and outs for lamps, the tilting boat platforms in the small Abydos canal, and few other triggers. Now they don't appear suddenly anymore.
Completely fix the inside-out or pure black graphics issue caused by overlays or third-party hooking programs. Thanks to @Anderson and @Nish the Fish for testing.
Make the deadly electric water configurable for mods via objective so that it can be enabled or disabled globally. Previously it was hardcoded to work only on HT_File_Map_ab_cana.
Now HT_Objective_Aby_ElectricWater can be set like this: if the objective is 2 enable the effect everywhere, 0 will disable it even in Abydos. 1 is the default behavior.
Setting this objective dynamically or when entering/unloading specific maps will lead to advanced mechanics with a lot of flexibility. Only works for Sphinx.
There's an exception; the deadly water has always been blacklisted/disabled in spitting toad mode.
Add support for beta Sphinx attacks in mods through HT_GameScript_Control_SlamEffectType, HT_GameScript_Control_WaveAttack to dynamically control the "Slam Effect" and "Wave Attack" options that appear in the debug Watcher under Cheats.
They change the default ground slam behavior and can be useful for additional mechanics. e.g: use them like SETITEMFLAG HT_GameScript_Control_SlamEffectType 1/0 and GETITEMFLAG HT_GameScript_Control_WaveAttack and vice versa.
Enable printing to stdout with the DEBUGS gamescript operation in the PC builds.
On Windows you will need a Microsoft program called DebugView to read the game's output, on Linux and macOS just launch it from terminal.
Fix some incorrect use of the OpenGL framebuffer discard functions.
Add further build-time optimizations.

2019-01-09 (Wednesday)

New batch of HQ texture updates sourced from original artwork; covering flares, most of the Abydos Monster Shop, a few parts of the Mummy Planetarium, Luxor Pyramid and Palace, a few Wall sections and some other places, metallic fences, the sun, shoot targets, a few statues, platforms, walls and floors. Add a better version of the dirt and tiling terrain textures.
Minor cleanups.

2019-01-10 (Thursday)

Refactor the vertex collision structs to plain old data and avoid undefined behavior. This should hopefully mitigate the occasional NPC despawning/clipping-through-floor and improve portability in general. Please retest and report your findings.
Minor cleanups.

2019-01-15 (Tuesday)

New HQ textures for Sphinx, Horus, Imhotep, Akhenaten, Menes, Set and Nefertiti. Update some rocky, wall and FX-related textures to reduce pixelation and blocky S3TC artifacts.
Properly move actors to their correct positions while skipping cutscenes.
Remove the initial Tut wake up scene from the blacklist of unskippable cutscenes now that it works properly. With this implemented practically all the important cutscenes should be optional by just pressing the Book of Sphinx/Inventory button.
Fix a regression in floating point rounding mode that caused collision issues, mainly Sphinx receiving unwarranted damage when stepping over the lowered spiked gates in the Uruk intro and also spurring the Abydos piranhas to swim in the air. Round to nearest instead of chopping decimals toward zero.
Add an entity flag (0x8000, previously reserved but wrongly tagged as 'Ignore Auto Collision Macro' in EuroLand) to conditionally re-enable LODs for new 3D models from modders, if requested. That way mods can still optimize bigger levels while still disabling LODs for the original (now-low-poly) meshes.
Update the game controller mapping database. Add support for USB GameCube adapter mapping, too. Thanks to @Remidemmi.
More vertex collision struct refactoring that should improve the undefined behavior situation.
Minor cleanups.

2019-01-17 (Thursday)

New HQ textures for Bas-Ket, the Sarcophagi King, most of the Mummy levels and the final battle. Better floor textures for the Lost Temple of Heliopolis.
Fix a few mishaps.

2019-01-18 (Friday)

Optimize all the new HQ textures and reduce its size on disk.
Minor cleanups.
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2019-02-15 (Friday)

Remove the limit of 128 characters that caused truncation for long-ish paths. Properly NULL-terminate savegame paths.
Fix spurious quotes in the Filelist.bin loader when given a mod path via arguments, it caused an occasional crash when ending a mod path in /" and sometimes the last path separator doubled as escape code.
Don't enable the 50 Hz PAL mode in the PC version, as it works in EUR60 mode; this should change the rate at which some physics calculations are carried and doesn't affect framebuffer sizes.
Properly zero-initialize some fields in the Enemy Mobility Path component that caused an ugly bug where if the leftover memory was 0xFFFFFFFF the value gets interpreted as -nan and first corrupts the rotation and that invalidates and corrupts the item matrix, the NPC visually disappears and collisions stop working so they fall to their death.
To find this I instrumented the mobility code at strategic points and tested things in a modified mum_temp map for Sphinx full of container-cobras and Abydos NPCs provided by @jmarti856 that improved the chances.
Keep in mind that denormals may have also caused some other subtle problems. This is a defect in the original code and was fixed 15 years later, should fix most of the sudden NPC despawns.
Protect some parts of the game against a NaN contagion to mitigate some other remaining memory-initialization problems.
Heavily improve the softlock detection during conversation mode, now it should also work after respawnable NPCs die.
Never round toward zero in the FPU.
Mitigate the occasional quick sound panning issues when moving the camera, as reported by many players.
Add a better HQ Abydos arch spike texture.
Add a good bunch of HQ textures, mainly for the remaining prominent characters: the Portal God, the archeologist, Cursed Pharaoh + Wife, Farmer + Brother, Seti, Plain Sarcophagi, Spider boss, the Geb Queen and the watcher eyes.
Add HQ textures for the Abydos Mayor and Physician, the final boss, the flying Akarian bird boss and the fat ruler that gives Sphinx the Abydos stair key, as well as environmental textures for the Cursed Palace and the final battle.
Add some extra HQ textures the Abydos Sewer Amulets and several particle effects.
Update the SDL2 Windows library to 2.0.9.
Add more Abydos Sewer and Cursed Palace HQ textures.
Fix some UV texture clamping issues that when combined with mipmapping caused minor visual glitches in the Abydos Mayor and the watcher eyes.
Attempt to fix a rare objective corruption that may happen at the end of every Mummy visit, where the Mummy state doesn't get correctly set due to a reallocation defect in the Onyx money-counting achievement code that caused a stale pointer on return. Also known as the 'Super King Castle' glitch, kudos to @superking1077/bellboy_64 for the helpful report.
Change the HT_Objective_Aby_ElectricWater mod override, so that if we set it to 2 we enable the effect everywhere, 3 will disable it even in Abydos (previously was 0). Thanks to @Remidemmi. for the old save game.
Add HQ textures for the burn boxes, levers, monkey statue and the planetarium door and a few other details.
Add better textures for the Cursed Palace and the Uruk Castle, improve the hue of some retouched textures to make them more faithful to the original ones.
Compress most of the textures as .DDS with BC7 block compression. Should generally reduce VRAM pressure across the board and mitigate those VRAM depletion issues.
Simplify the resolution selector. Make it so that we can only select resolutions with the same aspect ratio as the desktop resolution, fix a defect that caused the selection to show different resolutions when going to the right.
Fix ghost clicking of some Back button prompt labels.

2019-02-20 (Wednesday)

Fix monster possession-related crashes in the beta Sakkara 3 map. Add missing effects and other possession improvements, ignore AI gamescript instructions during player posession.
Roll back SDL2.dll to 2.0.8 as some players reported random beeping and input problems with the 2.0.9 release. We will be using the previous version until these regressions are fixed.
Remove some unnecessary drawing of debug borders and dynamic resolution size calculations that should improve performance.
Minor cleanups.

2019-03-26 (Tuesday)

Add Discord/Steamworks Rich Presence integration. It shows the current level, character and gameplay status (including Mummy abilities).
It also shows the current/maximum health (in Ankhs) and money (Bronze/Onyx) while hovering over the little Scarab coin.
Most zones have their own portrait.
Fix the Practice Makes Perfect and Crocodile Scales achievements. Now they unlock as intended, again.
Always keep the little arrow markers in the choice dialog prompts vertically aligned, to account for the bigger text size.
Fix a text length limitation that prevented some original Eurocom credits from appearing. Found by @Freeman at MobyGames[].
Make the credits scroll comparatively faster, now that we have a lot of new staff entries.
Fix the terribly glitchy scrolling in the Trigger debug dialog, improve the entry alignment and add nifty color support. Remember to enable Display > Triggers > Names in the Watcher (Ctrl + W) to make this window even more useful for map-making.
Add a new Display > Item Update > Show them all Watcher option to individually show all the active map items, this should make the Item Update debug window actually useful.
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2019-07-15 (Monday)

Several Italian translation improvements. Thanks to @LetsPlayNintendoITA for reporting the typos.
Add two new environmental sound tracks to the Soundtrack DLC:
(56) Nomad Outpost: The iconic Bedouin Outpost tune.
(57) Trading Outpost: Diegetic music from the Heliopolis Point shops.
Thanks to @AshhawkBurning for tabulating the tracks for the wiki[] and the reminder.

2019-08-28 (Wednesday)

Add a preliminary version of sRGB-aware linear color blending, for correctness. This means that now textures and colors should display more vividly, as the artists intended.
The final image should have more contrast and mix in the right proportions for a more pleasing result.
It is not yet perfect in the sense that water and some other transparent surfaces look fainter, and will require some tweaking via future updates that are being worked on.
Add more high-resolution HQ texture overrides.
Mainly covering Uruk Temple Trials, Mummy RotoHub, Heliopolis Exterior, Uruk Canyon, Mummy Hang Train and several particle effects.
Add more level portraits to the Discord Rich Presence integration.
Fix an ugly stack overflow issue during enemy AI avoidance recursion.
Particle orientation fixes, previously some particles faced the wrong direction.
Fix gameplay logic defects for the wall sneak mechanics and ceiling collision checks. Fix other various original logic issues.
Mouse cursor handling has been rewritten and optimized to be more responsive in preparation for remapping.
Get rid of the Sword of Osiris blade gap; the light-blade ended a bit short of the handle, with nothing in between. Now both components are joined together.
Reduce the Sword of Osiris guard/hand/finger clipping by making the sword grip more natural without changing its orientation; doing so would have affected gameplay, cutscenes and attacks.
The Abydos/Heliopolis ferry boat nets now appear on both sides. Fixed other flipped geometry elements and correct the bad UV mapping at the top of most of the nets so that they appear solid black instead of like small transparent holes. It looks better now, this one took a few years to fix.
Re-enable the wheel platform trigger (TR_WheelPlatform). While most of the physics code existed, the rest had to be partially guessed and reconstructed from existing documentation and hints left by Eurocom, so it may not exactly match the original functionality, but it seems to work fine. Please report any issues if you use this fun beta device in your custom levels.
Add fade-in and out support to the wheel platform trigger, its spindle and various platforms.
Add fade-in and out support to the boids of flock triggers, mainly for schools of fish and many other "flocking" creatures.
Fix possible black screen buffers under very specific circumstances.
Switch the gamepad subsystem to always use all the available gamepads and fuse all their analog and digital inputs together.
By doing this we can do multiple actions from various devices at the same time without any artificial switching.
This should improve the Steam Controller support, as well as third-party remappers that mix and match inputs.
Cut off any remaining rumbling before switching to a new active gamepad. Only the controller that is actually in the player hands will actually vibrate.
Add some hysteresis to the keyboard/mouse and gamepad switching modes.
Now it only marks a controller as active after after giving it some leeway to avoid spurious analog movement.
Fix a logic bug in the CAMERATOPLAYER gamescript operation. This may change some angles and behavior that depended on it.
Enable the Euroland, EDB FileInfo, OBJ FileInfo, Watcher, Resources, Stats and Draw Mode elements in the 'Viewer mode'.
Also enable the Collision Info data dumping section in the EDB Info window. These are all useful menus, some of them exist in normal mode.
Let the game open EuroLand files directly from Viewer mode via pipe messaging.
Re-enable the Output Items, Output Solid, Output Contour, Output Usage, R2 ScreenDump and List Trig Files entries in the Watcher. These dump text reports via stdout every time they are ticked.
Most EDB and soundbank loading errors should now be user-facing instead of failing silently.
Fix the high-resolution timers in the Item Update window. Now the more costly items (the ones that take more game cycles to process) should be visible.

Implement a [InitialLevel] PCReplaceFrontEnd=1 configuration key, so that PCLevel actually makes something.
Also implement a -level <hashcode> command-line parameter that overrides it and does the same thing.
If set to 1 it will load the PCLevel value, if not it will interpret it as a hash code. It only works in -dev mode.
See this wiki page[] for more information.
Implement a [Debug] KeyboardOptions=1 Sphinx.ini configuration entry. That will enable a series of keyboard shortcuts while in -dev mode.
Ctrl + M: Reloads the current level.
Ctrl + N: Toggles trigger markers, same as in the Watcher.
Ctrl + D: Toggles viewing trigger radiuses, same as in the Watcher.
Ctrl + G: Toggles god mode, same as in the Watcher.
Ctrl + I: Toggles the 'Always has item' cheat, same as in the Watcher.

Ctrl + {1,5}: Quickly loads the level stored in [InitialLevel] QuickLevelJump1=hashcode.
Ctrl + Shift + {1,5}: Assigns the currently loaded level to that jump combo key.

General performance improvements and optimizations.
Minor cleanups.