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The sky is no longer the limit as today, together with developer Hexagon Sphere Games, we are thrilled to announce the full Windows PC release of our sci-fi city builder Sphere - Flying Cities, here on GOG.

Set in the future on an uninhabitable Earth decimated by the moon’s cataclysmic destruction, what’s left of humanity is forced to head up and into the skies with wreckless abandon — the last and only hope of survival. The question now is whether the ideas was too foolish to work, or whether mankind’s technological advancements will prove to be their salvation.

Watch the official launch trailer:

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About Sphere - Flying Cities
Described as “a gripping post-apocalyptic sci-fi survival game” by IGN, Sphere - Flying Cities combines strategy, simulation, and survival elements in an extraordinary and immersive scenario. Poised as Commander after a lunar Armageddon, you’ll oversee humanity’s attempt to reestablish civilization by taking to the skies with first-of-its-kind anti-gravity tech.

With the full release update, the game underwent a major overhaul, including:
* All new logistics system with over 20 new resources
* Randomized World Map
* Completely new tutorial
* New Difficulty Modes and relaxing Build Mode
* Overhauled UI
* Total Rebalancing
* City turns green after shield level 4[/list]

It’s up to players to set mankind’s course to survival, but keep in mind that each decision made must weigh the lives of the last remnants of society at play. One wrong move can lead to potentially devastating consequences…and there is no second chance high above the clouds.

For more details about the full release update 1.0.0, please feel free checking out the Changelog, here on GOG:

Features of Sphere - Flying Cities:
* A City in the Clouds: Construct your city with numerous retro-futuristic buildings, utilize the resources available from the unique sky-vironment, and send out drones to harvest (sometimes rare!) resources and repair buildings to keep everyone’s head in the clouds
* The Sky’s the Limit: The anti-gravity device and its deflector shield are the only things protecting the city from (un)natural disasters; maintaining it means the difference between life and certain doom
* For the Greater Good: Assuring the safety of your city’s denizens is of paramount importance — tend to their needs by supplying food, healthcare, and shelter, as well as undergoing rescue missions. However, keep in mind that you won’t be able to save every building – nor every colonist.
* Write Your Own Story: Each decision you make, turn you take, and building you create chronicles your own narrative in this compelling near-apocalypse scenario. Define your experience by the paths you follow and determine how your city’s story ends.[/list]

Save The World
Keeping in line with our company Slogan "Saving the World. Game by Game." we have partnered with <i><span class="bold">Atmosfair</span></i>, an environmental development organization that focuses on clean energy climate protection projects, to offer a unique Save the World edition of the game. Including a mini-artbook and in-game cosmetics: exclusive Save the World Skins for these five buildings:
- Anti Gravity Device
- Community Kitchen
- Technology Center
- Small Park
- Healthcare Center

Join us in our effort and contribute your share to save the world!