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Today, we have released our next majorly update to our Sphere - Flying Cities In-Development and a big announcement!

Announcement first: Sphere - Flying Cities will leave Early Access in September this year!

Additionally, with the new 'Story Phase II' Update, you, the Space Mayors, embark on the next act of your epic mission to save what’s left of the world and its inhabitants.
With 6 more missions, it is finally time to establish a connection to scientists on Earth that will aid you in your quest to save the world.

Read all new additions below:

New Features
- You want to know more about the storyline of Sphere?
-> 6 new additional and fully-fledged campaign missions are now available.
- Who is this Person?
-> A new character has been introduced: Professor LaFleur.
-> Recruit an all-new specialist and convince him to join your journey across the globe – discover new secrets together and work on finding a solution for the future of mankind.
- When are we finally there?
-> We have enabled 'Portals', which is a fast-travel system, we have implemented with this latest update.
-> Anomalies of time and space symbolize the ongoing deterioration of earth, but come with an unexpected advantage for the player: Use them to travel to unknown, distant locations – if you dare.
- It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s moon chunks!
-> Discovering & mapping of moon chunks has been added.
-> Fragments of lunar-destructions started to appear in the atmosphere. What secrets do they hold? Are they a possible key to salvation?
- Back on earth, there was a thing called TV...
-> New Handcrafted cutscenes for portal- and moon-chunk events for you to enjoy have been added.

Bugfixes and Balancing:
- Red Alert! All crew members are to report to duty!
-> If it comes to a breakdown in energy, the game will automatically switch to normal game speed.
- It's blue light. What does it do? It turns blue.
-> Color adjustment of the Anti-Gravity Core.
- Various small balancing- and bugfixes.

Have a suggestion and/or want to see what other players are suggesting?
Please visit our Community-Suggestion-Board: to help us, improving the game even more!

Thank you for flying with us!
Stay safe!

-Your Teams of Hexagon Sphere Games & Assemble Entertainment-
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