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Today marks the day, Sphere - Flying Cities is leaving In-Development and is now fully released with version 1.0.0!
Almost a full year (Sphere - Flying Cities started in In-Development on October 14, 2021) we are happy and excited to see, how the game has grown, thanks to the tremendous help of our community!
Thank you for your ongoing support!

Down below, you will find the full changelog, with all changes coming with today's full release.

* All new logistics system with over 20 new resources
* City turns green after shield level 4
* Randomized World Map
* Completely new tutorial
* New Difficulty Modes and relaxing Build Mode
* Sandbox mode now has a lot more options to customize your playthrough, including playing in a “build mode”
* Overhauled UI
* Total Rebalancing
* Epic conclusion to the campaign story
* Huge update to Save Games
* Galaxy Cloud Saves
* The game now has auto-saves
* Save games can now be manually deleted
* Save games now show information about when it was saved and what game mode it comes from (tutorial, sandbox, campaign) and difficulty
* Players are now able to set the priority of all buildings of the same kind in the building detail menu
* Element costs for research topics have been completely overhauled
* Building status information is now shown in the building detail menu
* More information in the overview menu
* More information on building construction menu about building requirements
* New customizable materials menu
* Fixed problems with menus overlapping each other and/or buttons still being active when game modes are loading
* The game now has the correct icon in the windows task bar
* Extended Credits

Important notice
To all our In-Development Commanders!
Please be aware that with the huge changes, additions and more with version 1.0.0, old savegames, from theIn-Development/older versions of the game before version 1.0.0 will not work, and we strongly recommend starting new games.

But this is not the end of the journey, just the next chapter!
Therefore, please feel free reaching out to us, providing feedback about the changes, and what else might pop up in your mind to further improve Sphere - Flying Cities!
We cannot make any promises to touch, or even change core-mechanics, but as we already stated with the start of the Early Access last year, we will always have an open mind for any kind of feedback, to improve the game and to make Sphere - Flying Cities the best-possible game experience.

Keep it up and thank you for flying with us!

-Your teams at Hexagon Sphere Games & Assemble Entertainment-