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Today, we have released our first major update to our Sphere - Flying Cities Early Access today!
The 'Industry & Pollution' Update, will introduce a brand-new game mechanic to the game, as well as respective new buildings helping all Commanders, mastering the new game-mechanic and new challenges coming up with it.
For sure, we have also brought more improvements and bugfixes, also based on the valuable feedback of our Flying Cities-Community!

More details below. But first, enjoy the 'Industry & Pollution' Update Trailer on YouTube, giving you a first glimpse, what the update brings and looks like!

Sphere - Flying Cities Early Access 'Industry & Pollution' Update Trailer

New game mechanic: Air regulation within the biosphere
Counteract air pollution within the dome caused by various buildings with Air Collector Plants, Air Circulation Towers and Refineries.

The new game mechanic will also come along with many new additions to the game, such as:
- New building: Air Collector
- New building: Air Circulation Tower
- New building: Refinery
- New building: Oxygen Storage
- New resource: "Compressed Air"
- New resource: "Oxygen"
- Visual effect of air pollution inside the dome

- Improved many building-animations.
- Various Bugfixes, too many to get them listed in detail.

-> Big shoutout to every community-member, reporting us bugs and providing us with feedback. Therefore, many of the bugs fixed with this update, are based on the feedback of our amazing community! Please keep it up!

You cannot get enough of Sphere - Flying Cities and the latest update?
No worries, we got you covered!
Today, starting at 6pm CET on Assemble Entertainment's official Twitch-channel, watch the Sphere-developers Hexagon Sphere Games play the latest 'Industry & Pollution' Update and the best thing:
Ask them anything about Sphere - Flying Cities!

Have a suggestion and/or want to see what other players are suggesting?
Please visit our Community-Suggestion-Board: to help us, improving the game even more!

Thank you for flying with us!
Stay safe and happy holidays!

-Your Teams of Hexagon Sphere Games & Assemble Entertainment-
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