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Today, we have released our next major update to our Sphere - Flying Cities Early Access today!

The 'Age & Education' Update', or how you also might call it: 'A Colonist's Life', will introduce new intrinsic mechanics to your colonists, like name, age, gender, life, death, and education, whereas education also impacts and boosts your economy!

For sure, we have also brought more balancing and bugfixes, once again based on the valuable feedback of our Flying Cities-Community!

More details below. But first, enjoy the 'Age & Education' Update Trailer on YouTube, giving you a first glimpse, what the update brings and looks like!

Sphere - Flying Cities Early Access 'Age & Education' Update Trailer:

- Age & gender of the colonists (each colonist is an individual with name, age etc. / residents are assigned to age groups)
- Life cycle (old colonists die, new colonists are being born, reproduction requirements need to be fulfilled)
- Education (colonists can become skilled workers at the training center and later at the academy)
- Skilled workers (boost for some buildings -> mid-game feature)
- Energy management expanded (active increase of energy storage capacity available for navigating & in case of power shortage)
- Advanced worker management (finer assignment of workers to workstations can be made)

- Adjusted production rates for food & water
- Adjusted workforce parameters of production sites and infrastructure buildings
- Adjusted research progress

We have added a huge load of bugfixes, too many, and some even too minor to list on here!

Have a suggestion and/or want to see what other players are suggesting?
Please visit our Community-Suggestion-Board: to help us, improving the game even more!

Thank you for flying with us!
Stay safe and happy holidays!

-Your Teams of Hexagon Sphere Games & Assemble Entertainment-