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Today, we have released our third full release hotfix (version 1.0.3) for our Sphere - Flying Cities!

Without further ado, the following fixes will be included:

*Added: Scrollbars to the Savegame lists in load game window and save game window.
*Added: Click sound on left / right arrows.
*Added: Display of ice storm event message and strength.
*Fixed: Medical building service capacity fails to increase after researching the Better Coverage technology.
*Fixed: Mouse scrolling is non-functional on the resource list from the Mining screen.
*Fixed: Missing service capacity settings on hospital components.
*Fixed: The player can send the drone to scout the own sector, which leads to malfunction of the Scout Drone.
*Fixed: Some "attention"-event messages now showing the correct strength for dangers.

Important notice
Our Team is still busy working on the Repair-Drone bug.
Big thank you here to everyone, for all the details you have provided to get this pinpointed.
Without any promises, but if we can get this sorted/tested during the day today, we might push another small hotfix today, or tomorrow with a respective fix.
So please stay tuned and keep it up!

Thank you for flying with us and your ongoing support!
Stay safe!

-Your Teams of Hexagon Sphere Games & Assemble Entertainment-