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Congratulations on the release of version 1.0.0. Still love the game, I’m over 100 hours of play now. Buuuut, you know me…

When doing research. If you save your game, quit, and come back later, the research percentage is not shown at the bottom of the screen.

When in the mining screen. If you hover over a sector on the right side to show what materials are there, the label doesn’t change when that resource group is mined out and the next one is started. If you continue to hover over that sector until all of the resource groups are mined out, the label doesn’t go away. It stays when you are on the mining screen, main screen, flight screen, tech screen, and even after doing a cut scene.

When you hover over the Anti-Gravity device’s +/- signs in the detail screen, the numbers you see to the right are supposed to reflect what will happen when you select the particular + or – that you are hovering over, right? I have used every mathematical trick I can think of and the numbers shown are meaningless. They don’t show what the amounts will be, they don’t show a percentage of change, and they don’t show anything useful. And when you keep the cursor over a +/- button and click, the numbers don’t change to reflect what the next button push will do.

The power bar for the Drone always shows empty. There is no indication of how far it can go or how many sectors it can scan before returning.

On the Sector screen, hexes I look at may say “Toxic Cloud - Strength: 3” or “… Strength: 4”, but when I fly into them, it always says “… Strength: 1”.

Tech: More Efficient Maintenance doesn’t have a cost? Seems odd. It’s third up on the line of techs in its tree, and the one before it has a cost.

You start with 85 people at Normal level. Within 30 minutes, I had 41 children and my morale never exceeded 38. I tried this again in a new game, setting my birth rate down to 2.0 – the lowest it can go – and I still had 50 kids in less than an hour. My morale in that game wasn’t above 36. According to the manual in the game, morale must be at least 50 for people to breed.

While the game is paused, if you select a destination with the colony and start the flight, 5 seconds of time pass, unpaused, while she tells you that the flight has been initiated or you watch a cut-scene. Paused should be paused. When you unpause the game is when she should tell you the flight has been initiated. Given the time-sensitive nature of the disasters, e.g. “Incoming Particle Storm in 20 seconds”, having the game unpause in the middle of giving orders can be deadly, or at least costly.

The “Apply” button for storage is annoying. If you make a change and don’t hit apply, it should at least confirm that you want to exit without applying the changes. Better yet, remove it, and when you make changes, the changes are made just like with the manufacturing buildings.

When on the Tech screen, if you don’t have your tech building in place, you get a message saying to put it in. You cannot access the navigation screen if you don’t have your Radar Station turned on. On the mining screen, if your mining building is turned off, you get no message. The game does nothing. Have the first officer tell you to turn your mining building on like she used to.

The Processing Plant Small and Big will continue to make concrete (or whatever item you have chosen), using up Limestone, even when there is no storage space for concrete. Essentially just throwing resources over the side. The plant should stop making items that there isn’t room for and tell me there isn’t room for the item. I know it is a survival game, and I know paying attention to details is essential to survive. Still, the details I should be paying attention to are “do we have enough food, water, and fuel?” not “Are my people too stupid to say ‘Hey boss, we don’t have any room to put this concrete. Do you want us to do something else?’”

On that same note, when the Processing Plants run out of the basic resource to manufacture the product, they don’t tell you; they do nothing and consume energy.