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Right, now I'm really pissed at this. Fog of war keeps reappearing after loading the game, and given how slow it is, re-exploring after every loading is kinda game-breaking issue for me (I don't enjoy the game THAT much anyhow). Now I'm kinda angry at the fact that I can't move to other locations and keep bases built in the previous ones, but I can get past that - but this is ... aaaargh. Any solution?
This question / problem has been solved by Namurimage
Yep, the returning fog of war it's really annoying but that's how the map works. Unfortunately there's no solution other than using a cheat.
While on a map:
CTRL and "+" - opens the console
UnExplored:Enable (0) - This uncovers the map
Esc - to close the console
If you use it only for maps you already explored it's really not cheating ;)
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Well that pretty much works for me, thanks :-) It's a shame there is no way to actually fix it...
You're welcome.
Yes, it's a shame they never managed to fix this. Let's hope we'll get Spelllforce 2 at some point, they did fix this issue in that one ;)