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I figured it would be fun to start a thread with GOG's member solutions to levels. Spacechem offers a simple ingame automated posting of the video of your solution to youtube.

So, to start things off here is my solution to the level "I Told You So" which is halfway into the 2nd to last planet.

Comments welcome!

SpaceChem - Ω-Pseudoethyne (5878/2/187) (2nd to last planet area)

Ok, so this one was a real hard one as well! It took quite a few hours.

Here is the link:

As a side note, when using the ingame youtube upload with multiple factory solutions, is there any way to make it so it zooms in on the factories? You can't really see what the solution was from the zoomed out "multi-factory" view.
SpaceChem - Suspicious Behavior (4824/1/107)

Here is another solution to an earlier level in the 2nd to last planet area. This is interesting as it's the largest molecule you can output in the game 4x8 (32) atoms.

Here is the link:
SpaceChem - Σ-Ethylene (4837/2/109)

Another glorious victory today! This level I got through quite rapidly. This is the 2nd to last level on the 2nd to last planet.

Here is the link for the youtube video: