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Haha, yeah I died trying to kill that probe. But I think this is going to be a cool game. Maybe I'll read the manual a bit before I give it another go.
Happen to me repeatedly. Yeah, the game doesn't give you any breaks, even during the tutorial.

What you want to do to beat this part: first check the messages on the lower left and you'll find you have the bonus equipment you chose at character creation in storage at a nearby planet. Swap that equipment out for the stuff already on your ship--it's almost certain to be better. Now go to the equipment shop. You should be able to find plenty of cheap stuff better than what you already have. Look especially for stuff which takes less room, but which is just as good. Next make sure you have two lasers. With a second laser, you should have no trouble killing that drone.
Oh OK thanks. I've sort of avoided looking at too many threads on here because I think I'll be happier int he long run if I figure things out for myself. I have a tendency to use walkthroughs too much. But I don't think the tips you gave are going to hurt the experience at all.
thelastmccabe: Maybe I'll read the manual a bit before I give it another go.
Reading the manual is highly recommended. There are many subtle things in the game that are hard to realize at first but can make a big difference. For example, the rate at which your equipment breaks depends on which race built the equipment. There are lots of details like that.
Because of its highly random nature, this game is pretty much impossible to spoil, with the exception of the text adventure and rts missions. It's fairly safe to read the other threads here. The game's hard enough that you need all the knowledge on how to survive that you can get.
Ok, I traded b/w Venus and Earth a bit and then got some better weapons and then CRUSHED that little punk probe. I am clearly now prepared to take on any foe.
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Actually, no your not, that probe is pretty puny and weak. You are, however, off to a decent start.