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I'm aware of the Two Guys from Andromeda getting back together and doing SpaceVenture but it seems to be taking forever to come out.

I remember watching the Space Quest 7 trailer when it had horrible CGI and involved Roger saving Bea from Vohaul. Would there be anything you'd want in a Space Quest 7? This is just for fun.

I wouldn't mind Roger getting deep into a scandal that involves Starcon and Vohaul who comes back before SQ 12. It seemed from Space Quest 6, Starcon had a mess on their hands with Quirk involved in toxic waste dumping and Roger getting rid of him. Roger could also have a choice of picking Beatrice or Stellar to choose as his love. It's just some ideas I had in mind.

What do you think should be in Space Quest 7?
I think Incinerations should be the official SQ7. That game is AWESOME, and not much could top that. Even the 2 guys from Andromeda themselves never designed a better game, with only "Space Quest 4" possibly being an equally good game