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I am trying to record the first game of Space Quest in DOS Box so that I can upload it to Youtube. It is the first game that i have recorded that slows down during recording. Is there a way to fix the lag? I cannot use my DOS Box installed to the computer because SQ.COM doesn't seem to work when I try to execute it. This must have to do with the extension name. Space quest 2 would then be the same, and Space Quest 3 uses SCIV.EXE so it would work.
Try to increase DOSBox cycles - press CTRL-F12 (CTRL-F11 to decrease). You can do this repeatedly, but you will be limited by the power of one core of your CPU.
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The version of Dos Box that gave me puts the CPU cycles to max. I can't make it better than that.

I'm trying to put it in my computer's version of Dos Box.
If it's already at max, try to decrease CPU cycles - CTRL-F11.