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Has anyone tried the fan patch for SQ4 - located here: ? It's listed as being for the "cd rom" version, which has me worried - but I'd love that subtitle fix.
Here's a list changes:
- superior graphics, taken from the floppy version
- ability to hear speech and read text at the same time
- corrected timing
- various bug fixes
- Added room of "stuff removed for legal reasons" (no speech there).
- Readded removed Radio Shock products (sorry, no speech for them).
- Added "Stunt Flyer" and "Dacron Danny" bargain bin games.
- Added priority information to sound resources.
- Orbs now emit sound during captiveScript sequence.
- Removed volume change during speech output. If the music is too loud, lower the volume in the game's control panel.
- Fixed scrolling in the video driver.
- RESOURCE.000 is no longer PKDCL-compressed. This means shorter loading times for DosBox users and yields better compression ratios for the .zip archive as a whole.
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Is the gog version the CD version? As in - does it have speech? If it does then I'd bet this patch works. I bought it but haven't installed yet, I'll have to try and let you know.
This patch is EASILY the best way to play it. Best of both worlds
The GOG version is the CD version so it should work.
Thanks for letting me know about this great patch. One thing, it took me a while to find useful installation instructions. You need to replace the files in your SQ4 directory and then edit the resource.cfg file and tell it the location of your SQ4 sound files in the "audio=" line (in my case, I just changed it to "audio = C:\SQ4").
LeftHandedMatt: (in my case, I just changed it to "audio = C:\SQ4").
Thanks for the installation instruction. I just would like to add that in my case, simply changing this line didn't work, and I experienced some visual bugs also.
So, before patching, I made a backup of the resource.cfg file, and after patching, I had to copy the whole content, every single line, of the old resource.cfg over the new, post-patch file. Then everything seems to work fine, text, speech, graphics, etc.
Just mentioning this alternative solution in case other people encountered the same kind of trouble.
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Thanks, everyone, the copying the old resource.cfg did the trick.
MrTLWolf: Thanks, everyone, the copying the old resource.cfg did the trick.
This did not work for me. Wondering if anybody has successfully gotten this unofficial patch to work with the GoG version.