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Space quest is one of the great grandaddies to the Adventure genre
(alonside with kings quest).
As stated before, the influence it had on the game industry
cannot be underestimated.
Do you really remeber these games well?
For you should've played the series a long time ago.
It was a definitive game of my generation, and it
was great fun to play them back then.
On the other way, it doesn't really hold up that well today.
Especially, when you compare them to the latter, more refined
installments, they feel crude, to say the least.
For starters, this first part of the series is punishingly hard.
Literally, because it's going to punish you with DEATH for
the slightest error you make, even if you cannot be aware of
certain obstacles. This makes them not only frustrating, but
but tends to be more of a "trial and error" type of andventure,
which has never been good. Well, at least, the developers
got pretty creative when it came to game overs, but after
a while it gets really tiresome.
On the other hand, one could easily see, how the trilogy
turns better and better with each episode. They get longer,
deeper, less frustrating, more clever and entertaining.
Another aspect is the game grapchis, the parser and the sound.
While I find EGA graphics very charming (especially in SQ 3),
this might put off many newcomers. Why are the VGA remakes
missing from this package? At this price, it'd have been nice to
include them.