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It will make your ears bleed... with joy?
I'm glad I didn't get to experience that in the 90's.
Neither did I. I had already purchased an MT-32 when SQ3 came out, so I got to listen to the MIDI music as intended. No one should have had to suffer through that awful pc speaker
We had the Sound Blaster. Musically, it was inferior to the MT-32, but it did have nice digitized sounds. I enjoyed hearing Roger think "Where am I?" as he awoke in the pod, and hearing the giant desert snake's BURP when eating Roger.
Pure luxury. Showing off with a color screen. My first SQ3 experience was amber monochrome: :D

And yes, thats the ..."music" as I remember it.
If you want to relive that monochrome days, you can always set the video to Hercules & press the F11 key to cycle between black & white, green & amber resolutions. Doesn't look quite the same, but it's an option