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A mod for SPAZ 1, which does some re-adjustments and fixes for more enjoyable game.

Overall there will be much more flexibility in weapon use, probably less resource mining as hangar size is equal during progression, but gameplay is more demanding, requiring more tactics, but less frustrating.

- warp gates: starts cloaked and a bit stronger, this enormously improves cloak tactics.
- clockwork: goon cloning on level up disabled, but goons available in crates/ships/bases.
- clockwork: all four hangars progress with equal size, but the progression is slower (almost painfull midgame).
- clockwork: great increase in resource storage capacities.
- ships: rebalancing of all ship properties according to its roles, size, tech class.
- ships: rebalancing of schematics depending on ship value.
- ships: improved descriptions.
- ships: granularity between rez size and cargo ships, small cargo ships won't pick large rez blocks, but rez value per block is increased.
- ships: enemy bases/stations a LOT more formidable, this includes endboss and bounty hunters, which requires tactics and some level to defeat - based on their level.
- ships: modified saucer to use huge turret slot (as there were not huge slots in this class) and balanced it.
- ships: balanced end-game zombie ship hp.
- all items: unified the properties and fixed their order.
- all items: fixed consistency in descriptions.
- unification of active weapon slots: each active w.slot can now equip beam, cannon and missile weapons.
- unification of passive weapon slot: each passive w.slot can equip drones, mines, bombs or missiles.
- extended lifetime to important items on battlefield: ejected goons, data, schematics.
- weapons: small gravity missiles do ion damage instead, renamed to "warp missiles". Larger gravity missiles unaffected. This is because their value is otherwise outclassed very soon by appearance of larger ships.
- weapons: fixed hunter srm using half missiles compared to normal srm, as its an upgrade. the downside is expressed in reloading time.
- weapons: all weapons have 10 research levels and are improved to degree to be used as attack weapons.
- weapons: huge fixed turret introduced, vanilla only has large version.
- weapons: made laser and ion more efficient on shields.
- weapons: original fake (cannon-powered) bomber drones were converted to (fake) missile drones, that benefit from missile tree and do explosive damage.
- weapons: ion emitter mine, which secondary damage conflicted with existing ion mine, was modified. now it inflicts gravity effect on engine, that disabling it - then moves for a kill, making it truly horrifying anti-ship weapon (unless point defense installed).
- weapons: mines - massively reduced gpu stress by decreasing scanning animation frequency. Most evident was the lag of cursor in large minefields. However this does increase difficulty for player to spot the minefield.
- armor: advanced armor plating is an upgrade, instead of downgrade.
- cloak: made experimental cloak worth it and shields equal to cloak on protection, improved descriptions.
- shields: improved quick-charge and fortress shields, making both linear upgrade, improved descriptions.
- reactor: improved quick-charge reactor to be high-end instead of trade-off. Rebalanced reactors.
- experience: increase is more linear and overall a bit faster using slightly different formula. No multiple level gains and slow increase afterwards.
- files: unified comments in each file about what mod has changed
- experience2: slower experience balancing
- ships2: hangars size limits unlocked, schematics requirements increased
- ships: overlooked balance of tiny ships, now should be good
- weapons: corrosive wasp bomb damage increased; large mines radius increased, amount for random mines decreased, poll rate increased, damage increased; three drone types should now truly be equal.
- rez: found and unlocked rez mining limiters, implemented chance and amount vars for easy manual changing (should you want)
- [rtcvb32] warp gates: greater warp distance, to prevent gate appear right next to torpedo rack of large enemy base
- [rtcvb32] crates: sometimes more better crates in random areas; sometimes more waste field
- weapons2: large mine radius and damage slightly reduced back, while amount increased back to 30, to create more effective field (field testing proved update too low efficiency)
- all items: improved descriptions and more spell checks
- shields: fortress shield regeneration rate slightly increased
- ships: consistency update - for huge hulls, made freighter appear first and starliner later, similar to how tug and yacht appear in smaller hull classes
- ships: starliner, two huge launcher slots replaced with two bomber slots to allow bomber modification. This doesn't change ai-controlled ship designs, since bomber slot is compatible with launcher one. Modified one enemy starliner design to use this
- ships: sun spot, rotated two of three drone/bomb slots, so that sunspot can properly launch launcher weapons from them, instead of around it
- turret: add two tripple turret subvariants - large and medium
- turret: add huge quad turret variant, which is balanced: [large,medium,medium,large], tripple huge is [large, large, large]
- mines: lowered ion mine chance for random field, otherwise it felt like downgrade
- mines: solved problem of large minefield generators - large generators now drop large mines. This allowed to reduce total amount of generated mines, hence scanning frequency can go up
- ship designs: fixed incorrect weapon variables found in some design in basegame
- [rtcvb32] tutorial: reflect new rez value in tutorial picture
- weapons: two basic beams and lasers - beams damage up x1.5, cannon damage up x1.2
- weapons: two basic beams and lasers - reduce energy consumption
- weapons: srm damage 20->12, hunter srm 25->14, were definitely overpowered
- damage resists: armor vs beam slightly decrease from 1 to 1.15, hull vs explosive increase from 3 to 2

Most of the time you will be outclassed by hull size - until you find enough schematics. Hangar size limits were removed in 3.2, you only need to collect plenty of ship schematics of your enemies to build similar ships.

In order to succeed, its better to invest in one weapon type until its maxed out. Missiles are probably better choice at beginning of game, as they are auto-targeting and pretty versatile with torpedo against slow ships, missile against fast ships. Once turrets appear, beams and cannons become far easier to land a shot.

If you want more resources, nobody prohibits you from blowing up the friendly quarry and mining everything yourself with a huge beam. Or two.

Goons are plenty in empty sectors - or at civ colony stations. So maybe its also a good idea to resist blowing up the colony stations. Cloning on level up was simply overpowered and hence removed. Clockwork has much more space now, so you will be running around much much less.

In final stage of game, make sure to secure at least several Colonies for surplus goons - and don't assign too much crew in AI controlled ships.

Base hp heavily depends on Type (T1 is weakest) and game stage. If you feel too weak to take on the base, you can bring it down to lower type through missions ("Faction Strength -1" type). The bases are pretty durable, so conventional weapons will not work efficiently, unless they are huge and plenty. Try something with a larger blast radius or more hideous. As of Bounty Hunters - you need to find the way to deal with their bases, if you want to take them down. If its painful, come back later after few upgrades and new strategy.

Download and Install Instructions:
1) copy this (3.6) as raw and paste into new file, "more_fun.txt"
2) convert it from base64:
base64 -di more_fun.txt > more_fun.7z

3) extract archive into new folder, then copy it into "Mods" subfolder.
4) in launcher, select "More Fun Mod".

Mod is provided in source code form, and is automatically compiled by the game on first run.
If you change the source, use "" to clear the generated binary files.

New game recommended.

License: LGPL

Current version: 3.6

If you need an older:
- 3.5 version pastebin dot com/qhrSAeQS
- 3.3 version pastebin dot com/kawRjKiP
- 3.1 version pastebin dot com/aTLu1idC
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The mod has been updated to 2.
Changelog summary: descriptions were further improved, missile weaponry nerfed small bit.
Download: 1.1 see 1st post in this thread.

Below are historical versions attached (1.0)(1.1)
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Version 2 released, push.

Version 2 is basically bug-tested version 1.1
I have not yet finished the game run, but it works pretty well from here.
Version 2.1 released.

I reworked the item features in descriptions to be more consequent and nerfed the rockets just a tiny bit.
Ver. 2.2 released


multiple improvements and some fixes in descriptions.
some changes to cloak and shields for progression.
changes to bombs (increase in damage), lasers and ions (the damage factor of shields and cloaks).
passing the stats for stations, especially end-boss and bounty hunters.

I actually bugtest the changes, playing on insane difficulty, I am mid-game.
Ver 2.3 released


- noticed that Medium hulls have no ships with Huge mount (unlike Small hulls, Cyclops) -- Saucer hull Turret socket Large>Huge, (to compensate) three supportive slots Medium > Small. The change allows to autonomously mine as well by utilizing Fixed mod turrets (2x Huge Mining Laser).
- updated all Saucer designs.
- improved descriptions of Warp missile and Ion Mines.
Ver 2.4 released (its final unless something bad happens)

- boosted later stage zombie ship health (balance)
- eased enemy station hp a bit
- more description fixes
All good things come to an end.

Ver 3.0 released, final.


- tuned SRM / Hunter SRM settings (note that SRMs will prefer to engage small objects, so they are very ineffective if target ship also launches drones or similar; in case of anti-zombie or anti-boarders that turns to advantage)
- modified Ion Emitter Mine to do Warp damage, which will disable ship - thus fix coexistance with Ion Mine (non-emitter).
- modified Bomber Drone into using Missile tree, doing Explosive damage
- modified Acid to do slightly more damage, its dedicated antihull weapon in bomb tree
- tuned mines for optimum hp and damage
- top-tier cluster mines do not spawn basic mines as variant anymore
- description fixes

Bye bye SPAZ 1
It has been fun tuning you.
Ver 3.1 released, final (yes..)


Well, who could've guessed it, as I was finishing the game I noticed that still three things exist which are worth changing. So, why not, when its possible?

- huge ships rebalance using weight-based table, specifically freighter was too fast with too much hp, sunspot too weak, starliner and hammerhead outclassed. Now the good balance is here - you get an easy rotating ship with uncomfortably no turrets and medium hull points, average rotating if hull is thicker, even slower rotating if there are turrets and so on. The less the weapons and armor and crew - faster ship, cheaper price and so on. Balance. Makes all hulls useful.

- reactor was previously balanced without (total volume/charge) coefficient in mind. For example,take a double capacity reactor with improved charging rate - and in game you subjectively get effect that its worse. Thats because although volume improved, it would take reactor now double the time to fill it. This causes incorrect subjective perception that its worse. Now thats also addressed and larger reactor also boosts slightly higher charge rate, so you dont get the wrong idea and will notice the improvement correctly.

- minefields have already been bottlenecking even strongest GPU due to their polling. Now with Huge Sunspot being able to drop 3 minefields at once, having 4 such ships drop total of 12 mine emitters, makes whole area lagging and unplayable. I have increased delay for that purely visual graphical poll, fps are fine now.

Edit: upon further testing, it was not only "purely visual", but in fact was polling for enemy,- so I had to pump value only slightly. Still drastically better than before while approximately same result.
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Hey Lin, glad to see someone paying some attention to this game. I know modding it's rough since MinMax didn't release a full toolset.

Just got back into SPAZ1 for some nostalgia, was poking around to see if anybody had given it some love, and here you are! Gonna start a run with this right away, looking forward to it!
Lin545: Ver 3.1 released, final (yes..)
Lin545: Download and Install Instructions:
2) convert it from base64:
base64 -di more_fun.txt > more_fun.7z
First, thank you for your work on this game !

I would have a small question, how to do this step on Windows 7 ? "2) convert it from base64"
Thanks in advance for any help :)
Post edited December 27, 2019 by Splatsch
Lin545: Download and Install Instructions:
2) convert it from base64:
base64 -di more_fun.txt > more_fun.7z
Splatsch: First, thank you for your work on this game !

I would have a small question, how to do this step on Windows 7 ? "2) convert it from base64"
Thanks in advance for any help :)
Easy way is to use a site like

Where it says "Upload a file to decode from Base64", put the txt file in there, it'll download as a 7z.
Splatsch: ...
ashenswift: ...
Hi guys! You are welcome and happy new year to you and your families!!

I am very open to balancing decisions... if you have any ideas or critique - please share.

I think reactor is still unbalanced though, and I stopped playing very close to endgame - but my save is current and functional.

The biggest problem with SPAZ1 for me, is that huge hulls appear only near endgame stage - black hole. Making them earlier makes game very easy (4x player huge will kill any ship before black hole; but 4x player large is often too much challenge). So, this is the only problem... :/

If you are interested in making your own mod, here is SPAZ1 MOD PACKAGE 2.0 (legal to distribute):
Lin545: Download and Install Instructions:
1) copy ... as raw and paste into new file, "more_fun.txt"
2) convert it from base64:
Let's just skip to step 3.

Image contains the mod. 7zip will extract from it.
rtcvb32: Image contains the mod. 7zip will extract from it.
I did it in the past, but stopped, because this method is not futureproof. The day there is new forum, all image attachments could be run through "file" with nonvalid dumped. Base64 on nopaste doesn't have this problem. Thanks for your suggestions.